The tools I use and how.


  • Resource Files

Intellij copies some files to the classes directory during compilation. Resources are usually localized via getClass.getResource( "/org/foo …"). But the classes are in the class dir and your resources might not. Configure them to be there. Preferences -> Compiler -> Resource Patttern = !?*.java. nothing but net. i.e. everything but java.



Google Code

  • TODO: issues configuration


Java DI frame work: guice

  • When to use annotatedWith.

Guice has type literals to let you select different bindings for different instantiations. But if the difference is below type difference annotatedWith can go further, e.g. Interf<T> bind it with type literals. But to differentiate different kinds of strings use annotatedWith.

Delicious solved my bookmark problem. Now I have the same bookmarks on all computers, platforms and browsers. Works great for the times I need to use someone else computer ro a internet coffee.
It need needs care and organization like any other bookmark system but tagging and tagbundles work great.

  • foo-daily

For the links I want to look at frequently I started using tags with a -daily suffix, e.g. work-daily.
On each computer I use one of these as home for my browsers.

  • hidden bookmarks

For work related or other sensitive stuff just click no sharing and prevent other people from seeing it.

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