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openCage-lang 0.4 released download


second public release of openCage-lang.

osashosa 0.1 released download

first release of osashosa a drop-in replacement for the Dependency Injection framework Guice.
See more at osashosa

fausterize 0.9.0 beta released download


  • more on fausterize
  • 85: undo/redo
  • 96: README.txt
  • 70: exe for windows
  • 71: debian (unbuntu…) packages for linux
  • 98: PAD files

fausterize 0.8.1 beta released download


  • more on fausterize
  • 95: fixed: fausterize 0.8 only starts on developer machines

fausterize 0.8 beta released download


  • more on fausterize
  • 84,91: handle files and pads in various states of readonly or not-readable including changes
  • 90: save-as did not write before a change
  • 92: pad testing: fausterize does a dummy check whether the pad is the correct one. It does not save the pad name anywhere. It analyses the decrypted text if it is text or binary.
  • 93: highlander mode: as fausterize does not run reliably in multiple instances any further starts warn and exit.

fausterize 0.7 beta released download


  • more on fausterize
  • multiple files
  • std file and preference location (os dependent)


My daughter Carmen was born 5.2.2010 Carmen

fausterize 0.6 beta released download


  • more on fausterize
  • nicer icons
  • find is working
  • std menus
  • open icon is open

fausterize 0.5.0 alpha released download


  • more on fausterize
  • osx dmg package
  • crossplatform version now for unix and windows
  • fixed some bugs
  • new icons

March of the Pink Elephants 0.2 beta released download


  • a ant based build system to do all
  • more on [[motpe]]
  • builds OSX dmg packages
  • builds scripts for unix and windows startup
  • (overridable) defaults for icons, help system

fausterize 0.4.1 pre alpha released download


  • osx app starts (was zipping problem)

March of the Pink Elephants 0.1 beta released download


  • a ant based build system to do all
  • more on [[motpe]]

fausterize 0.4.1 pre alpha released download


  • uploaded correct osx app (fix in build script)

fausterize 0.4 pre alpha released download


  • more on fausterize
  • localization improvements
  • Japanese help
  • unix version

fausterize 0.3 pre alpha released download


  • more on fausterize
  • localization improvements
  • a first preference panel
  • early help pages

fausterize 0.2 pre alpha released download


  • more on fausterize
  • now with a better about dialog, e.g. email and goto webpage works: send comments

fausterize 0.1 pre alpha released download


stroy 1.0.3 released


  • summary had numbers for left and right switched

New page: Reviews with a nice Japanese Review


Stroy is out of beta: 1.0.2 Japanese (V 1.0 official Release) 1.0.2


  • full English, Japanese, German localization
  • selection indicator in the sidebar (a black rectangle)
  • language is a preference
  • bug fixes:
    • external diff no longer blocks
    • summery page is updated and has a better layout
    • "selecting other diff programs does not work" fixed
    • "selecting other programs via text input failed" fixed

New Page: Diff Central


  • A new page collecting diff tools. If you know more let me know.

1.0.0 Japanese RC2


  • bug selecting other diff progs fixed

Bug in RC1 found


  • selecting an other diff prog does not work and pops up 2 file browsers

1.0.0 Japanese RC1


  • full Japanese, German localization
  • selection indicator in the sidebar (a black rectangle)
  • language is a preference
  • bug fixes:
    • external diff no longer blocks
    • summery page is updated and has a better layout

New Version


  • now starts even if no previous version was used (argh). Thanxs Lionel and lenwhyte.

New Version

The new version has

  • bug fixes, see: code google issues
  • windows: files located in paths with spaces open now
  • the idea of placeholders to match added files. This makes the scrolling less jumpy.
  • am update checker, configurable

Source code in google source

The source code is now on google code

New Version 0.10.200 (alpha)

A new alpha version of stroy with lots of bug fixes and new features is there. The highlights are

  • bug fixes
  • icons instead of colors to show differences
  • diff is build incrementally with an early result and some background processing. Watch the progress on the side bars: grey (= unknown difference) is turning into green (diff) or background gray (no diff). Great for large trees.
  • a new xplatform package for everyone, but especially for the linux crowd.
  • German and Spanish (not complete) localization

Started to track Bug/Features/Solution via Forum

That should give a better idea how active the project is.

Started to Localize stroy and the web pages

My focus is on German and Spanish. Just starting with Spanish courses I need help with Spanish. For German I just need nudges to do it, being German. For all other languages I need full translations.

Forum Created

Go Discuss

stroy announced on freshmeat

Now it is really open.

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