March of the Pink Elephants


A ant based build system for java / scala based projects.

I hate configuring. I rather write a meta system and maintain that instead of setting up projects over and over again. Thus a build system with simple setup
that does all with one click and no extra manual steps.


  • simple
  • allows multi module projects
  • dependency management of modules and external resources
  • builds apps for osx, linux, unix and windows
  • all sources in one scm, including external dependencies, i.e. no magic downloads

The name

Well names are important and I could not come up with a nice one and my wife said don't think about a pink elephant. Now if elephants start their march there is no sense stopping them and when they stop they are done.


Add a module moo

  • mkdir modules/moo/src
  • copy a build.xml from an other module to that dir
  • edit that build.xml, i.e. at least change the name
  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <project name="moo" default="default" basedir=".">
      <import file="../../build-resources/build-common.xml"/>
  • add the module to the dependencies.xml
  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
  <project name="dependencies" default="depend.stuff">

    <dirname property="dependencies.basedir" file="${ant.file.dependencies}"/>

    <!-- ================================================================== -->
    <target name= "depend.moo"
    <ant dir="${dependencies.basedir}/modules/moo" inheritAll="false"/>


Add an external lib external-1.7.4.jar

  • add it it external/production
  • add a line to dependencies.xml
<target name= "external"
   <copy todir="${dependencies.basedir}/build/libs" file="${dependencies.basedir}/external/production/external-1.7.4.jar"/>

Now you can use it as any other dependency.

Build everything for module foo

  • cd to module foo
  • ant dist.dependencies

This builds all dependent modules (transitive) and builds platform specific app for osx, unix, windows and zips them for delivery.

Build a DMG package foo for OSX


  • cd to module foo
  • set the isApp property in the build.xml
  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <project name="moo" default="default" basedir=".">
      <property name="isApp" value="true"
      <import file="../../build-resources/build-common.xml"/>
  • ant dist.dependencies

Result: build/deploy/foo/osx/foo.dmg

Build a cross platform application

On OSX, unix, linux or windows set the isApp property as above.

Result: build/deploy/foo/xlatform/foo/
This file includes scripts for unix and windows to start the app.

Make module moo dependend on external and module duh

  • change dependencies.xml for moo
    <target name= "depend.moo"
        depends="guice, depend.duh, external">
    <ant dir="${dependencies.basedir}/modules/moo" inheritAll="false"/>

Why Not X?

Why not maven?

Maven does only some of the stuff I want to have, e.g. no exe or os apps. But more important it does does things I don't want it to do, i.e. automatic downloads and
uses an extra source repository. You can suppress the downloads but why is that not the default? The second point is about the maven repo which is an other scm for external libraries only without a history.
A build system should be scm agnostic so that all the sources can live in it.

Why not Ivy?

May actually work for me but I have to get it off the automatic downloads.


  • The Dependency Management

is from

  • Building osx-apps

is via jarbundler


  • test integration
  • windows exe
  • debian packages
  • rpm packages
  • javadoc generation
  • scala


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