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switching to git
openCageopenCage 31 Aug 2012 14:29
in discussion General / Blog » switching to git

Svn was my preferred source control tool for quite long. But I finally give up on it. If a rename can not be done locally after so many years it will probably never happen. As working offline is relevant for me git is the obvious choice. As Google allows swichting to git now I even don't have to switch repos.

switching to git by openCageopenCage, 31 Aug 2012 14:29

Originally stroy was licenced MPL1.1 because I wanted to prevent anyone from claiming my work as his own while allowing all kinds of use. Now I think it would be great if anyone found use in my open source projects and this should not be hindered by draconian (GPL) or strange/unknown (MPL) licence formulations. So if you want to use my stuff, go ahead. It would be nice if you acknowledge
my input but I won't force you.

switching to BSD 2 clause by openCageopenCage, 31 Aug 2012 14:25

I started to fiddle around with some ideas and realised that the hardest part will be maintaining backward compatibility of the properties file.
Usually backward compatibility is a big thing but I hope that in case of stroy recreating the specific user settings should be fairly easy.
What you get is a new settings format that is somewhat readable and thus easier to edit.

ich wollte stroy immer mal aufbohren damit es jede Art von Baum als Input schluckt.
Das würde dann aber wahrscheinlich erst mal ein cmd line tool werden.

Wäre das interessant ?

by openCageopenCage, 20 Sep 2010 13:35
SkyDiablo (guest) 20 Sep 2010 06:09
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Zusammenfassungen auf Deutsch


wenn stroy nun noch als vergleichsordner eine SSH/SCP Ordner fressen würde, wäre ich überzeugt :D

greez & thx,

by SkyDiablo (guest), 20 Sep 2010 06:09

It looks like ant tasks copy and zip misshandle osx-app programs. So I finally looked at generating dmgs. This is coming along fine.

Well it did not go exactly as planned so the big rewrite is gone but the "little" tools are making progress.
I factored out many features into jars (not published). These got reused in a mini app: fausterize.
Also the build process got its own project: March of the Pink Elephants.

Re: 1.0 and beyond by openCageopenCage, 18 Jan 2010 15:35


great job.
There is now a new page listing Reviews. Yours is the longest.
I'll post a new version of stroy with a small bugfix. The summery page in 1.0.2
switches the numbers. Then I am off to Spain for 2 weeks. After that I'll look into
the requests from your review.


I have published a review about stroy.
It's a report about running stroy under OpenSolaris.
As it is written in Japanese, I hope Misa-san will explain you what is written in it.

Re: Thank you for the japanese translation by Miki Shimizu (guest), 08 Apr 2009 07:34

thanxs Robert
It is as you write and it's a bug.
I fixed it. My plan is to make a point release with all fixes before my upcoming vacation in 2 weeks.
Let me know if you need it before.

When I click on summary, the display shows file counts of the other folder. For instance folder a and b contain 5 of the same files, and folder b contains one additional file. When I use summary, it shows folder a as containing 6 files - and folder b as containing 5 files - which is exactly opposite of what actually exists. Is this an issue, or is it in how i'm interpreting the summary display ? Thank you.

summary shows file counts of other folder by Robert Costner (guest), 27 Mar 2009 16:26

great that you like it. I'll send the praise for the Japanese translation to Misa who actually did it.

What a nice tool! The japanese translation goes very well.どうもありがとうございます <- I wish this japanese will be correctly displayed.

Thank you for the japanese translation by Miki Shimizu (guest), 26 Mar 2009 11:22

With the upcoming (very soon) next release stroy has pretty much the features I wanted for a 1.0. I may just call it that:-). In the mean time there a bunch of things I got unhappy with, cruft, lack of features, implementation. On and of I looked at better ways of addressing these issues. And of course this is turning into a big rewrite. Now the typical problem is that rewrites lose all interested people until the original coder gives up.
I found solutions to some of the problems that bug me, but these are somewhat hard to integrate into the current branch. It would be a shame to lose them. Not showing progress over the next month would also be a shame.

So my idea is to publish results in the form of little programs, e.g. command line tools, to demonstrate were stroy is going and that it is actively worked on.

The topics I am looking at are:
- code clean up (hard to show but really important to me)
- improve modified dir matching for large trees
- more sources: tar, zip, xml, svn, jar …
- fuzzy hashing for more file types, mp3 …
- 3 way diff
- merge
- better ui, keyboard shortcuts, more feedback …
- multithreading uses
- heuristical file type determination

The stuff without ui will come first. I can't promise that the little tools are useful themself but they'll show
whats coming.

What do you think?

1.0 and beyond by openCageopenCage, 17 Feb 2009 18:05


help with localization would be great.
my email: moc.liamg|egaCnepo#moc.liamg|egaCnepo


I am a Japanese user who has experience of localizing.

Q: Is a Japanese localization important? Or do you prefer English + symbols?

My opinion is that some people prefer English GUI but most of Japanese do not. They seem to be under the impression that they are poor at English while they have enough educations to understand it. Also, a person blessed with both great programming ability and English skills seems rare in Japan.

Q: Who would be willing to help with a localization to Japanese?

I love to. If you have any interests, let me know. I will email you. 

There is some interest from Japan in stroy recently.
I don't speak or write Japanese.

Q: Is a Japanese localization important? Or do you prefer English + symbols?

Q: Who would be willing to help with a localization to Japanese?
You do not need Java or other programming knowhow. Only some technical background and good English or German and excellent Japanese.


I can not repeat the problem here and I'd like to find out more about the bug.

- does it happen always ?
- does it happen with all/some/one pair of directories?
- what is you OS / processor type / memory size


thanxs for the post.
I tracked it with google code issue #34.
So far I am digging in the dark with this one.
The trace shows that stroys error handling can be improved but I have no idea what went wrong.

I set up a new thread trying to collect more information.

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