About stroy and the people involved

Stephan Pfab

My name is Stephan Pfab. I am a professional software developer currently working as a JEE application developer in Munich.
Previously I worked with Lisp, C, C++, shell script, DSLs on Unix, Windows, OSX and Amiga. I like to explore new techniques and ideas to the
point were other people can use them whether this is for my employer or just for fun, thus stroy and friends.
My mixed background leads me to xplatform development especially java / jvm and recently to internationalized projects.
For questions, complaints, feature request, job offers contact me at mailto:openCage@gmail.com.

Misa Inabe

The reason stroy has such great Japanese texts is that they are done by a professional translator in Tokyo. If you need professional technical English to Japanese translations get in contact with Misa Inabe at mailto: moc.liamg|ohtrosaah#moc.liamg|ohtrosaah.

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